Time and Talent Survey for UUMC

Share your time, talents, and interests!

We realize not everyone wants to or has the time to serve on a year-round committee, but we know many of you would still like to be involved in your church community in various ways.  Help us help you find the perfect place to use your talents, cultivate your interests, and in the end, lighten the load for all members of our community.  Please indicate what areas below are of interest to you.  For instance, if you find it relaxing to do painting every now and then, let us know that we could call on you for this task.  We’ll start our list of painters and if we call you and you’re available, great!  If not, we’ll call you again next time.  Is there a budding writer in there just waiting to get out?  Let us know and we’ll call on you if we have a grant proposal we’re crafting.  We’re hoping to identify a pool of people we can call to put their gifts and passions to work as specific projects, tasks, and jobs occur.

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The best times for me to serve are (check all that apply):
Building and Grounds
Financial Tasks
Office Tasks
Worship and Music
Spiritual Growth
Fellowship and Congregational Care
Service and Mission
Inviting and Outreach Ministries
Let us know if you would like more information on any of the above opportunities!