5 Cups of Coffee

Instead of a sermon, this week Rev. Diane encourages everyone to have a spiritual conversation using one of the prompts from the UMC Missouri Conference’s 5 Cups of Coffee guide. You can find the guide at https://www.moumethodist.org/resourcedetail/5-cups-of-coffee-11412987 along with additional resources to aid in these sorts of conversations.

David and Bathsheba, Part 1

Content Warning: Sexual Assault.

Rev. Diane looks at the story of David and Bathsheba and asks, “What is the Good News?” The scripture reading is 2 Samuel 11:1–15, 26–27.

The TEDx talk quoted is by Christian Picciolini, and is titled "My descent into America's neo-Nazi movement—and how I got out". The original video can be found here.