Packing and Praying

It feels like my whole life is in boxes right now… well, sort of.  Packing is well underway in my church office and in my home.  We are doing a lot of sorting, trying to figure out what we want to keep and what we want to give away… and what we should just throw away!  There is something terrifying and liberating when you realize you don’t need all of the stuff you have.

It is a reminder that stuff doesn’t make us who we are.  Stuff doesn’t make us more valuable or worthy.  Stuff doesn’t make us more popular or loved.  I’ve heard that some studies even show that having more stuff makes people inclined to feel less happy rather than more happy.

As I pack these boxes, I am doing a lot of praying.  I pray for my family during this time of reunion and transition.  I pray for Rev. Diane and her family during their time of reunion and transition.  I pray for the people of University UMC and the people of Christ Community Church, who I will serve in Wichita, KS.

I am giving thanks for the support of my family and friends who help us to do the sorting and the packing.  I am grateful for loving care-givers who willingly take my daughter to the park or into their home for an afternoon.

Even though you probably aren’t packing, I hope you’ll join me in prayer and thanksgiving…and consider giving something away.  You never know; it just might make you happy!


Rev. Jill