Preparing for Transition

It’s hard to believe that it is already May.  The time is passing quickly and my days at UUMC are drawing to a close.  I’ll be gone June 5-9 for the Missouri Annual Conference.  Soon after that, my final Sunday will be June 15 and my last day in the office will be Monday, June 16.  I’ll be on vacation the remainder of June, giving my family and me time to move to our new home in Wichita, Kansas. 

Starting July 1, Rev. Diane Kenaston will be the senior pastor here at UUMC.  I know that you all will give her and her husband Adam Ployd a wonderfully warm and inviting welcome!

This past week, I officially received an appointment in the Great Plains Annual Conference.  As of July 1, I will be serving as the part-time pastor of Christ Community United Methodist Church in southeast Wichita.  The Great Plains Annual Conference is partnering with Christ Community to do a transformational re-start pilot project with the hopes of revitalizing this congregation and creating a healthy, vibrant, growing church. 

Christ Community is located just a few miles from the Conference Office where Chali works, and we had already identified this part of the city as an area where we wanted to live because of the diverse demographics.  According to the 67207 zip code where the church is located is comprised of an assortment of people: 55% white, 17% black, 13% Asian, 10% Hispanic, and 5% other races and ethnicities.  In addition, 13% of the people in this zip code are foreign born. 

I am in prayer for all of us as we make this transition this summer.  My prayers are with Rev. Diane and Adam as they get settled in their new home here in St. Louis and begin ministry with all of you.  My prayers are with you, the UUMC congregation, that you might practice the wideness of radical welcome, both with those we don’t yet know in our community and with Rev. Diane and Adam.  And my prayers are with the people of Christ Community United Methodist Church as we prepare to embark on a new adventure together.


Rev. Jill