A DAY and A WAY Worship

This past Sunday while most of our congregation was out in the U City community serving, pulling weeds, fixing steps, uncovering fences, painting railings and trimming shrubs, a few of us gathered in the sanctuary to sing and pray at 10:30.  Most of us were under 12 years of age and we had a delightful worship service with lots of props and movement.

We prayed bubble prayers of confession and talked about how God is able to hear many prayers all at the same time.  In a prayer of confession, we tell God something that we’ve said or done that was hurtful or wrong.  Our prayers of confession are like bubbles.  When they are blown, it’s as though our prayer takes the shape of the bubble and it floats up to God.  When it pops, it’s like when we are released from the thing that we confessed to God.  God has heard our prayer and forgiven us!

Next, a few talented actors did a dramatic interpretation of the story of the Good Samaritan to remind us why our congregation chooses to go out into the community and serve others.  The cast was complete with even a donkey for the man who was robbed to ride upon!

Finally, we prayed the Lord’s prayer VERY slowly using objects to make us think carefully about what each line in the prayer might mean for us today.  A rock represented “Our Father;” there was a bottle of poison for “Deliver us from evil;” a bag of candy for “Lead us not into temptation;” a star for “the glory;” and a stopped clock for “Forever, Amen.”

I left church on Sunday knowing that my heart was “strangely warmed” (as the famous Wesley quote goes)!  It was an amazing day to come together and love and serve God and neighbor!  Moments like these make me humble to serve as your pastor!


Rev. Jill