Preparing for Youth Sunday

When I was confirmed, the confirmation class led the entire worship service.  There were only three of us and our pastor made each one of us give a mini-sermon.  Mine was from the book of Acts, the story where Peter has a dream and sees all kinds of animals (clean and unclean) mixed together.  (I know this because I am cleaning out my basement and I found a copy of it in a box!)

God tells Peter to rise and eat, for it is what comes out of his mouth that makes him unclean, not what he puts into his mouth!  Peter interprets this vision to be an expansion of his ministry into reaching the Gentiles and not just the Jews.

I interpreted the scripture to be a call to inclusivity in the church—that all people are welcome, no matter their gender or race and that the way we treat people and what we say to others is more important than what we eat.  It was interesting to read the thoughts of my 6th grade self and realize that I am the same and different as I was then.  Today, I am still believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to be good news for all and that Jesus came to free us from barriers that we put up between people groups.  On the other hand, I am also a vegetarian, so I’m not following God’s instruction to “Rise and eat the animals!” J

This Sunday is Youth Sunday at UUMC.  This annual tradition is a special time for both the youth and adults in our congregation.  The youth have been working for the last few months to develop a theme, choose scriptures, hymns, and liturgy.  They will lead every part of the worship service, including the sermon (which will be delivered by the seniors).

I pray that you will be present to hear their reflections, to experience their faith, and to worship God together!


Rev. Jill