Lenten discipline

What is your Lenten discipline?

Lent is a time to grow closer to God and the tradition of the church is to practice a special spiritual discipline during these six weeks leading up to Easter.

Many people choose to give something up as a way to fast during this season of penitence.  If you want to fast, consider these ideas:

  • Give up chocolate or another food.
  • Eat only bread and water one day per week.
  • Deactivate your Facebook account for the Lenten season.
  • Stop watching television.
  • Refrain from gossiping about others.

Other people choose to take something up as a way to increase their awareness of God’s presence.  If you want to add something to your life, consider these ideas:

  • Take a walk every day.
  • Pray for 15 minutes each morning.
  • Use your prayer beads twice a week.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Whatever you choose to do to observe a holy Lent, the purpose is for you to draw closer to God and to enhance your relationship with God.  Cultivate a deeper connection with God this Lent!

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Rev. Jill