The beginning of a new year always brings a feeling of new opportunities and new beginnings.  Many people make New Year’s resolutions to do better or be better in the coming year.  This year, I’m thinking about that in a new way.  I’m praying about what my intention for the year might be.  I’m asking God what attitude I should bring to each day, what kind of openness I can cultivate toward new adventures, and how I might respond when things don’t go my way.

At UUMC, we’re starting the year with new intentions as well.

At the December Council meeting, the Church Council not only approved a new budget for the first eight months of 2014, but they also approved the proposal from the Task Force for Young Adult and Cross-Cultural Ministries.  We ring in the New Year at UUMC, with a spirit of hope and courage as we step out in faith to begin new ministries.  In the next few weeks SPRC will begin the process to fill this new part-time position as well as the position of Director of Youth Ministries. 

We invite your prayers into this hiring process.  We will need the wisdom and direction of God as we try something new together.

In fact, I invite you to be in daily prayer for our ministry as a church.  Pray for individuals in the congregation, pray for our communal life, pray for our new mission and vision to come to life, and pray for those who are not yet part of a community of faith.

Rev. Jill