A Challenge to Pray

How many times have you been in a room when the group leader invites a volunteer to pray and everyone just looks at their toes?

It can be challenging to know how to pray, much less how to pray aloud in a group!  But prayer is a Christian practice that each of us are called to cultivate.  Learning how to talk with God (and listen, too) is important as we walk this Christian journey. 

Prayer forms us to be mindful of God’s presence with us and all around us and over time, it changes us in profound ways.  Prayer is, in part, a way of opening up and letting go of our own assumptions and agendas.  Through prayer, God has a way of chipping away the stone when our hearts get too hard.  Through prayer, God has a way of comforting us when times are painful.  Through prayer, God has a way of leading us to make decisions that become sacred for us.

As we enter this new year, it’s a good time to remember to pray.  While the rest of the world may be making resolutions to lose weight, I hope you’ll make a resolution to spend more time with God this year.

During January and February, we’re going to be exploring various forms of prayer in worship.  We’ll talk about why we pray and practice prayer in different methods.  We’ll practice corporate prayer, centering prayer, using prayer beads, and even praying for our enemies.  Join us on this journey!

See you in worship!


Rev. Jill