Jim Pace: Walking for NAMI

I am walking in Chesterfield, Missouri on May 5, 2018 to raise awareness and funding for NAMI-Saint Louis for five kilometers with approximately thirteen other mental health activists.

I renamed my one man walk team to "Flecha Verde" from last year's "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."  The Yellow Brick Road team raised seventeen thousand dollars last year at the annual NAMIWalks in Saint Louis County.  NAMI-Saint Louis raised a total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars in 2017.

I pray the Walk goes well this May of 2018.

I continue to voluntarily attend Independence Center for work, a meal, and interaction with fellow members and professional staff/administration social workers.  I am going out on a limb to promote recovery from mental illness.

The United Methodist Church provides the foot soldiers to rally, to fight, and to recover from mental illness.  I am aware of the strength of the church guiding the fight to tackle difficult mental health problems. 

I give my support network all the credit for my recovery and the struggle with the misperceptions of mental illness which are flawed in my experience. 

I feel like I have grown this year as I am reasonably able stand up for myself in adversarial encounters like an intention to attack me in the east end of the Delmar Loop on a Sunday afternoon by a young man asking for bus fare with the intention of robbing and beating me. 

I continue to teach police officers through the Crisis Intervention Team training, a NAMI program with great possibilities and results.