UCity Microcredit Club: Making Loans that Change Lives

The UCity Microcredit Club met on February 12 in the library of University United Methodist Church and made eight loans for $675, as follows:

Rosenda lives in Comarca Nyabe-Bugle, Panama and has a lot of experience raising cattle.  He is borrowing $2,000 to purchase more heifers to increase his herd.  The loan will be repaid over 3 years, beginning in April, 2016.  We loaned $100.  This is our first loan in Panama.

Domingo lives in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and makes his living selling and repairing photocopiers and computer equipment.  He got his start in the business from a relative who he helped for several years.  He now has his own established clientele.  He does excellent work.  He is borrowing $950 to buy tools so that he can improve his repair service to his clients.  The loan will be repaid in 12 months, beginning in April.  We loaned $100.

Virginia is a 32-year-old mother of a two-year-old girl and a baby boy who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She is employed and has a demanding work schedule but, in addition, she also sells beauty and hair products.  She does no marketing and depends on referrals to grow her business.  She is borrowing $2,750 to buy a car.  This will enable her to deliver products in bulk to other vendors and become a wholesaler.  This loan will be repaid over 22 months, beginning in August, 2016.  We loaned $50.  This is our first loan in South Africa.

Guihagat lives in Turkey, is married and the mother of two children.  She has been selling Tupperware for nine years.  With her fourth loan, for $625, she plans to buy the products in bulk.  She is a leader in her area and provides support to the other women who want to earn money to improve their lives.  We loaned $25.  The loan will be repaid over 8 months, beginning in April 2016.

Fatima is 62 years old, a married mother of five and lives in Qara, Lebanon.  She learned to bake  mouneh and markouk, a flatbread which you bake on a domed griddle, from her mother and ten years ago she started preparing and selling them herself.  Now she is well known in her region for her tasty mouneh and markouk.  She is borrowing $1,000 to renovate her workplace to make it a healthier place and a better place to serve her customers.  The loan will repay over 12 months, beginning in May 2016.  We loaned $100.

Yulduz lives in Tursunzoda, Tajikistan, is 50 years old, married with two children.  Hrer husband is a farmer and works hard.  Yulduz, herself, has been farming for 20 years.  She has a farm yard where she breeds cows and raises some crops..  She is now preparing for the spring sewing.  She is borrowing $625 to buy seeds and mineral fertilizer.  The loan will be repaid over 12 months, beginning in April.  We loaned $100.

The Kakatsi Tunjuke Group is located in Uganda's Ibanda district.  The group is composed of 8 men and women who mostly deal in agriculture along with some small scale businesses.  Gracious is 53 years old and is a mariried man with six children in school.  He sells agruicultural products such as coffee, yellow bananas, milk, livestock (goats, sheep and pigs), domestic birds (geese and ducks) and cereals in Ibanda.  He runs his business with limited capital of 500,00 UGX (about $150) and is borrowing 1,000,000 UGX ($300) so he can buy dry millet and corn to sell or trade.  His customers come mostly from Ibanda and neighboring towns but at times he sells in the larger market centers.  The group is borrowing $1,375 to be repaid over 8 moths, beginning in April.  We loaned $75.

Los Cumplidas Group consists of 7 young women and one young man who live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  The group is borrowing $4,350.  Maybelyn is 20 years old, single and sells food as a street vendor, walking through the SanJuan de Dios neighborhood which is in a rural area.  She lives with her parents in their own house with a cement floor and electricity but no other utilities have reached their location yet.  Her business is selling traditional foods such as rice with cheese.  The advantage of her business is that the price is affordable.  The biggest problem is the lack of cooking supplies to cook every day.  She is using her protion of the loan to purchase more supplies.  We loaned the group $100.

Thanks to all of you for your continued interest, prayers and support.