Discover... Dream... Covenant...

What gifts do have?  How do we dream of using these gifts?  How can we covenant to support one another’s gifts and dreams?  The Leadership Council, Administrative Team, and Ministry Team gathered last weekend to ask these questions while spending time in worship and prayer.  

I’ll let Donna Wellmon, co-lay leader and Council chairperson, describe it from here:

“All of the volunteer leadership of the church as well as staff, participated in a Leadership Spiritual Retreat next door at the 560 Music Building. The theme was Covenant. There were 22 of us gathered for a time of fellowship, reflection, learning and worship. We broke into pairs at one point during our time together for Appreciative Inquiry. During this inquiry we examined a time in the past with the church when we felt most involved, alive, competent, successful, and present to our authentic self. We examined what we value most about our spiritual life. We also explored our dreams, both as leaders and for UUMC.

After reconvening as a group we openly discussed and recorded our findings. The Holy Spirit was present with us yesterday. As I looked around the room at the diversity of gender, age, race, and experience I felt humbled to be there and participating. Some have lots of time to give; others, with young children or demanding work responsibilities, have to be very careful with the time they commit. Our dream as leaders of UUMC is to create more opportunities for spiritual growth, renewal, and discovery for all members of our community. As this church continues to grow there are amazing opportunities for all of you to explore the involvement in UUMC that speaks to you and gets you in touch with your authentic self. No experience required (at least that’s my story anyway), an interest in this Church and a spirit of commitment to growing our community is all that’s asked.”

We’ll continue to engage this questions --- to discover our gifts, dream of the future, and covenant to support each other.  In the meantime, look below for the charts written and shared at the retreat. If this sparks anything in you, let one of the lay leaders know!