U-City Microcredit Club August Update

Since we had $1,225 to loan, the U-City Microcredit Club met twice. We met virtually on August 2 and as a group on August 4 at UUMC. On August 2, we made 8 loans totaling $725, as follows:

Asiah's Group is two ladies who live in Bombo, Uganda. Asiah is borrowing 2,500,000 Ugandan shillings ($700) to purchase more green bananas, cassava, potatoes, and matooke to sell at her stall in the market. We loaned $100.

Basima lives in Sidon, Lebanon, and she decorates chocolates. She is borrowing $825 to buy more decorative motifs for her business. We loaned $100.

UC Micro August.jpg

The Firme de Alvo group is 4 young people who live in Diadema, Brazil. On the left is Fabiana, who lives with her father and sells cosmetics. Next is Mauricio, who sells beauty products, followed by Roselli, who is a hair dresser. Jose (in the Yankees cap) is a dry waller and will use his portion of the loan to purchase plastering materials, molds, and kits to help him improve his product. We loaned $100. With this loan, the U-City Microcredit Club has loaned $50,000.

Eusebia lives in Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador. She and her husband are farmers, and she also makes mats. She is borrowing $450 to buy tule reeds, with which she makes mats, and also to buy some seeds for her farm. We loaned $100.

Nandita lives in Nadia, India, and is borrowing 20,000 INR ($300) to support her husband's business of providing rental supplies for events. They will be using the loan to buy chairs, tables, ropes, etc. to rent out. We loaned $50.

Victoria lives in Buchanan, Liberia, and sells fish in the market. She is borrowing $225 to buy more fish in order to expand her business. We loaned $100.

Naseem lives in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. She sells formal clothing to her friends and neighbors and is borrowing $200 to buy more clothing to sell. We loaned $100.

The Avenir group is 4 ladies who live in Saaba Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. They are borrowing $1,000. Sahapoura sells a variety of products and will use her portion of the loan to buy pagnes (traditional wraparound clothing) and plastic dishes. We loaned $75,

At the August 4 meeting, we made 7 more loans, totaling $550, as follows:

Afut is a group of 3 men who live in Gros Morne, Gonaives, Haiti. The group is borrowing $1,350. Raphael purchases grains and sells them to members of his community. He will use his portion of the loan to buy more storage tanks to hold the grain until he sells it. We loaned $25.

Hellen lives with her husband and four children near Honiara, Solomon Islands. For the last two years, she has been running a business selling drums of petrol and oil in the area where she lives. She is borrowing $900 to purchase more drums of petrol, pumps, and oil. We loaned  $25.

Victor is a farmer who lives near Cimislia, Moldovia. He raises cereal grain on 14 hectares and also has pigs, poultry, dairy cows, cattle, and a horse. He sells a portion of the milk and cheese as well as some of the crops. Recently his milking machine broke, and he has had to hire someone to milk his cows. He is borrowing $1,225 to purchase a new milking machine.

Hasan lives in Salt, Jordan and is a coffee brewer. He is borrowing 1,000 JOD ($1,425) to buy better brewing machines to upgrade his business. We loaned $100.

Wayan lives in Bali, Indonesia and is a wood sculptor. He is borrowing $5,000 from Novica for a bulk purchase of wood. Novica then sells the finished product and keeps a portion of the proceeds to pay off the loan. You can see samples of Wayan's work online. Kiva receives loan payments as products are sold. We loaned $100.

Jose Carlos is 18 years old and lives in Sincelejo, Colombia. He has started a barber shop and wants to move forward with it. He is borrowing $175 to buy a door for his shop to protect it since he currently has no door. We loaned $25.

Micro 2.jpg

Itai is 18 years old, lives in Mwenezi, Zimbabwe, and is a volunteer Camfed Learner Guide. In that role, she leads life skills sessions with students at her high school concerning citizenship and personal confidence. She is borrowing $200 from Camfed to start her own business selling fish and freezits. Camfed borrowers are young women who have graduated from high school and who live and work in remote areas. Camfed  will provide money management and business training. The interest on Itai's loan will be paid back through her two and one half hours weekly volunteering. We loaned $50. 

Phalla has been operating a store in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, for 7 years. She sells groceries and beverages. She is borrowing $500 to buy more groceries and beverages to sell and a new motor to deliver her goods. We loaned $75.

Evelyn Haydee lives in Granada, Nicaragua, and operates a store. She is borrowing $400 to purchase basic grains, eggs. oil, and perishable items like cheese. We loaned $400.

As always, thank you for your support.