Savannah's God Sighting

My God Sighting this week is about my gratitude for you all, for UUMC. I came to UUMC with the blessing of my previous church to seek healing from the spiritual desert I was in. Between the Be You, Be Loved, Belong class, Rev. Diane's sermons, the spiritual gifts interview, the classes on The Mystical Way of Evangelism and Mercy and Justice, and LOGOS, I have been challenged to regularly engage in spiritual practices, like centering prayer, and to reflect on my own capacity for light and darkness. I have shadow sides I never knew about, but I also have an abundant pool of grade and love to draw from.

I've been finding myself talking to and about Jesus even more than I did before-- which poor Jessie can attest to! I feel so grateful to each of you, through the potlucks, the Dinners for 8, the Young Adult lunches and events, the NAMI walk, and our regular welcome snacks, for the love and care you have modeled.

I hope I have reflected back to you at least a portion of the light you have shown me. On behalf of Jessie, I also want to thank you for welcoming her, a pagan Jew, to this congregation! We will miss you and are not apposed to prayers and positive energy for the move.