June U-City Microcredit Club Meeting

The U-City Microcredit Club met on June 4 at the library of University United Methodist Church. We made 11 loans totaling $775, as follows:

Asifa Parveen lives in Gujranwala, Pakistan and is a tailor. She is borrowing $275 to buy threads, buttons, laces, and pearls. We loaned $50.

The Rhukomberane  Group consists of 22 woman in Bukavu, Congo (DRC) who are borrowing $5,275. Ms. Florence is the president of the group and sells Primus Beer and soft drinks. With her portion of the loan, she will buy 25 cases of Primus and pay for its delivery to her.  We loaned $75.

Somar lives in Sidon, Lebanon. She works as a hairdresser and provides beauty services from her home. She is borrowing $825 to purchase new products for her salon: hairdryers, brushes, etc. We loaned $100.

Jaimar Nomar lives in Chinandeja, Nicaragua and makes his living selling home goods door-to-door. He is borrowing $600 to buy plastic chairs, home appliances, and bedding to sell. We loaned $100.

Danifod is 30 years old, lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and has been selling car batteries for 6 years. He is borrowing $275 to purchase more batteries to sell. This is second loan. The first was used to rent a place where he can store his battery inventory. We loaned $50.

Duke lives in Kampala, Uganda with his wife and three children. For the past nine years, he has been making charcoal burning stoves out of clay. Duke is borrowing 3,000,000 UGX ($825) to contract with a clay mine. Having regular access to a clay mine will increase his production and his income. We loaned $100.

Sophol drives a tuk-tuk (a motorized rickshaw) and lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is borrowing $400 so his wife who runs a grocery store can buy more coffee and other beverages to sell. We loaned $100.

Elba del Rosario lives in Matalgalpa, Nicaragua. She owns her own 8.6 acre farm. In the past  three years, she taken three loans to increase her farm production to 75.7 quintales (1 quintales = 57.5 kg) of parchment coffee. She is borrowing $650 to implement a nutritional improvement plan for coffee trees on 6.2 acres, for which she will need to buy supplies such as calcium, boron, and zinc and to pay her workers. We loaned $25.

Lusia lives in Vaini, Tonga and runs a plantation, growing crops such as taro, tapioca, yam, and kumara. This is her fifth loan. We loaned $50. This is our first loan in Tonga and the 79th country in which we have made loans.

The members of the Say Htoe-2-C Village live in Myingyon, Myanmar (Burma). They are borrowing $975. San will use her portion of the loan to buy high quality groundnut seeds. We loaned $100.

Gustavo is a farmer who lives in Tequixquiac, Mexico. He is worried about the negative impact that the daily manure produced by his twenty cows represents to the environment. It is a big problem for Gustavo's farm because it attracts flies and other insects and smells bad. He is borrowing $925 (60% of the cost of a Sistema Bioboko digester). With the digester, he will convert agricultural waste into energy and organic fertilizer and improve his crop production. We loaned $25.

We thank you for your support and interest.