June Microcredit Club Report: We've made $50,000 in loans!

The U-City Microcredit Club met virtually on June 27 and made 9 loans totaling $800, as follows:

Janeth Viviana lives in Tulcan, Ecuador and runs a general store. She is borrowing $800 to buy sugar, rice, cooking oil, spaghetti, tea, and sweets to stock her store. We loaned $100.

Rabiata and Hasmaou compromise the Wendenda Group. They both live in OuagadougooKilwin, Bukina Faso. Together they are borrowing $2650. Rabiata will use her portion of the loan to purchase dried hibiscus flowers, sugar, and ginger root to make a juice that she sells. This is their third loan. We loaned $75.

Kassan and Kasselma comprise the Dofinise 2 Group. They live in BoboDioulasso, Bukina Faso.  They are borrowing $1,175. Kassen will use her portion of the loan to purchase firewood to sell.  We loaned $75.

Sushma is 34 years old and lives in Chappagoun, Nepal. She is a mushroom farmer and is borrowing H375 to buy seeds and fertilizer. We loaned $75. This is our first loan in Nepal and our 80th country.

Ruzanna and her husband live in Kosh village, Armenia, and are farmers. She is borrowing $2,000 to buy some pigs and some high-quality fodder to improve the productivity of their livestock. We loaned $75.

Ret and Ra both live in the Battambang province of Cambodia and comprise Ret's Group. Ret and her husband are farmers and raise cabbages and chiles. She also works as a construction worker. The group is borrowing $1,000, and Ret will use her portion to buy seeds and fertilizer for her cabbage crop. We loaned $100.

Consuelo Del Carmen lives in Usulutan, El Salvador, with her ten-year old grandson. She goes out every day from 8AM - 6PM selling tamales on the street. She is borrowing $300 to buy oil, salt, corn, and banana leaves. We loaned $100.

Khalil lives in Marka, Jordan and is a machinist. He makes metal doors, ladders, and stands. He began as a boy in his father's shop, learning everything, helping out, and observing. He now has moved to his own shop, but he is in need of some additional tools in order to do certain jobs. He has been adding tools whenever he can afford it. He is now borrowing $1,025 to buy additional machines and tools. We loaned $100.

Rehana is 32 years old, married, with three children.  They live in Lahore, Pakistan. Her husband has been driving a rickshaw for many years, and his rickshaw is in bad shape. Because of this, it is unable to attract customers. Rehana is borrowing $425 to buy a new rickshaw body. We loaned $100.

We are rapidly approaching $50,000 in loans and will reach that level at our next meeting. Stay tuned.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and for your support.