Holy Week Q & A

Q I can choose between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services because they’re pretty much the same thing... right?

A No! Think of your favorite movie trilogy. What happens to the story if you watch either parts 1 and 2 but not both? Would you watch A New Hope and Return of the Jedi but skip The Empire Strikes Back? Of course not! You need to come to all three services to experience the whole story.

Q Are you really asking people to wash each other’s feet? In church? Is this sanitary?

A Yes, part of a traditional Maundy Thursday service is foot washing. It’s a beautiful symbolic act. Participating in this tradition is optional, however, and yes, we have clean carpet plus a supply of hand sanitizer.

Q What about my kids? Can they come on Thursday and Friday?

A Children are welcome at all services. Thursday is especially good for kids because it is multi-sensory with communion, foot washing, and removing all of the decorations from the sanctuary. Nursery care is available for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday if you RSVP to Amy by Friday, 3/23.

Q Will the Good Friday service be gory? 

A Sorry, Walking Dead fans, we’re not going to spend a lot of time on the extreme violence of crucifixion. The point of Good Friday is not to inflict ourselves with guilt over Jesus’ physical suffering but to remember that Jesus willingly experienced death so that we could all enjoy new life through him.

Q I’ve heard that we should fast before worship on Good Friday. Why?

A Fasting is an ancient Christian ritual that helps us focus on Jesus’ sacrifice, solidarity with the poor, and our spiritual life.

Q Easter mornings are hectic, and I don’t want to fight the lines at brunch before church. Do you have food?

A We’re Methodists, of course we have food! Come at 9 for a potluck breakfast before the service. 

Q Speaking of food, isn’t there an egg hunt ?

A Yes, the youth will hide eggs for the children, and the egg hunt begins at 9:30. Bring a basket or bag!

Q Is there Sunday School or LOGOS on Easter Sunday?

A All classes are replaced with food and fellowship.

Q What if I don’t have fancy clothes for Easter morning?

A We invite you to Be You, Be Loved, and Belong. We don’t care what you’re wearing. Easter Sunday is about celebrating as a community, not fashion.

Q I have family members and/or friends whom I’d like to invite, but they aren’t necessarily churchgoers. Will they feel welcome?

A Of course. We’re happy to have them and won’t pressure them to join or convert. 

Q What’s Easter Monday? I thought Easter was one day?

A Actually, Easter Sunday kicks off the liturgical season of Easter, which lasts 50 days, until Pentecost. Enjoy those Easter chocolates for a few more weeks!

Q Any tips for worshipping with my children/ grandchildren?

A Glad you asked!