November U-City Microcredit Club Update

The U-City Microcredit Club held a virtual meeting on Friday, November 2, at which time 11 loans totaling $775 were made, as follows:

unnamed (13).jpg
unnamed (14).jpg

Kertu lives in Rundu, Namibia, and is a sales agent for Elephant Energy. In Namibia, nearly half of the residents live off the grid and cannot afford traditional energy sources. Elephant Energy  provides training, support, and access to products to persons like Kerdu, who purchases solar lights and sells them in their local communities. Kertu is borrowing $4,000 to purchase an initial supply of lights, as shown in the picture. We loaned $25. This is our first loan in Namibia, making it the 81st country in which we have loans.

Cathy (pictured above) lives in Port Moseby, Papua New Guinea, where she has established a handicraft trading business. She buys handwoven baskets from master weavers in remote communities and sells them through REAL Impact, an Australian company who sells the creative works of artisans  world-wide online. Cathy's goal is to protect the heritage of these traditional skills and to develop new products to increase market interest. She is borrowing $15,250. We loaned $25.  This is is our first loan in Papua New Guinea,and our 82nd country.  For more information , or to purchase products, watch this video.
Christelle Nounou is a professional hair dresser and operates a beauty salon in Cameroon. She is borrowing $550 to purchase beauty products. We loaned $25.

Ronaldo lives in Omasuyos, Bolivia, and is a master brick layer. He is borrowing $1,025 to purchase a machine to mix mortar. We loaned $100.

Quzhaya is a farmer who lives in Jadra, Lebanon. He is borrowing $700 to purchase seeds and fertilizer to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley and to buy new tires for his truck. We loaned $50.

Saadatkan lives in At-Bashy village in the Naryn Region of Kyrgyzstan. She raises livestock for breeding and currently owns 5 cows, 21 sheep, and 5 horses. She is borrowing  50,000 som ($725)  which she will use to purchase 10 more sheep. We loaned $75.

The Armonia Li group is ten individuals who live in El Alto, Bolivia. The group is borrowing  $7,475. Esther is president of the group and has a business selling hot drinks. Her portion of the loan will be used to purchase sugar, bottles of soft drinks, anise, and cinnamon in bulk which she uses to produce the drink she sells. We loaned the group $100.

Liana lives in Ljevan town, in the Tavush region of Armenia. For the past 10 years, she has been providing decorating and catering services for special occasions, and she is in high demand in her community. In addition, she also makes wedding cakes and rents wedding dresses. She is borrowing $1,000 to buy one more wedding dress which is already booked for an upcoming wedding. We loaned $75.

The Duo Mariposas De Ciudad Vieja Group is two ladies, Clara Susana and Ana Teresa, who live in Sacatepequez, Guatemala. They are borrowing $400. Teresa owns a store where she sells everyday consumer products and basic necessities. Her portion of the loan will be used to buy more goods to sell. We loaned $50.

The Lukoo Group is 20 persons from Goma in the North Kivu Province, Congo (DRC). They are borrowing $3,150. Salome is the leader of the group and has a dispensing pharmacy on the outskirts of the city. She will use her portion of the loan to buy a box of quinine, 20 courses of 
Coartem, two boxes of paracetamol, two boxes of amoxicillin, two boxes of penicillin, and other items. We loaned $100.

Leataata lives in Gataivai Savai, Samoa, and makes and sells ice cakes. She is borrowing $475 to purchase cordials, sugar, a large cooler, a new chest freezer, chines candy, and foam cups. We loaned $100.

Thank you for your support.