God Sighting: St. Louis College of Pharmacy and HPES

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University UMC celebrates the mission work that our members do in every context in which we find ourselves. Member John Pieper is doing through his vocation as a pharmacist and president of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.    

This "God Sighting" comes from Diane Berry, director of Health Protection and Education Services (HPES), which is one of UUMC's mission partners:    

"The Roman poet Virgil once declared that "the greatest wealth is health." In turn, the greatest poverty often results in poor health, with families unable to pay for medical care.  HPES seeks to make healthcare more accessible for the diverse populations in the St. Louis region.

 The St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) is excited to partner with HPES in our efforts to increase health promotion and prevent disease.  STLCOP aims to increase public awareness that pharmacists are accessible and knowledgeable.  Every third Saturday of the month, student pharmacists play a vital role in answering drug information questions, promoting health care access and increasing medication adherence.

Bone density is an issue with our aging population.  As we all age, our bones can become more brittle; and the risk of breaks and fractures increases.  With the financial assistance of STLCOP --- under the leadership of Dr. John A. Pieper, President --- HPES obtained a new GE Achilles EXP bone densitometer."