United Methodists & Racial Justice

The news has been full of stories of children separated from their families at the border and other mistreatment of immigrants and refugees. Feeling powerless? Here are a few local ways to help: 1. Follow the MICA Project on Facebook, 2) check out MO Dreamers and 3) Alex Belongs Here.

The union that created The United Methodist Church also abolished its racially segregated institution. That history is a reminder that the church still struggles with race relations. Read the history here. 

United Methodists stand, act to end racism

“It’s not enough to be non-racist; you need to be anti-racist and do something.” -  Bishop Farr

Liberians in U.S. anxious after DED termination. DED is "Deferred Enforced Departure." 

Read about how an immigrant family found room at the inn!

United Methodism believes that racism is a sin and it's the duty of all Christians to advocate for the equal treatment of all persons. You can read more, learn what you can do to help, and download resources here