UMC Response to Immigration

During our recent Sermon on the Mount series, a few congregants asked about how the UMC is responding to recent immigration policies and issues. We've gathered together several articles that help shed light on this crisis and how we as Christians and Methodists are called to respond.

1. Commentary: An Executive Order with Memory
Rev. Mark Nakagawa reflects on how the recent Executive Order is reminiscent of the Japanese internment during WWII. This article is especially poignant for us because a late member of UUMC, Mimi Durham (Bull Durham's mother), was interned during WWII. She later helped to establish the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

2. United Methodist Universities Join Amicus Brief Against Immigration Orders
Although this article is about action against the first executive order, the points raised here are still relevant.

3. Immigration officials detain United Methodist leader
Recent detentions hit close to home for this United Methodist.

4. Statement on Current Immigration Raids
The official UMC General Board of Church and Society statement about immigration raids and our beliefs as Methodists.