Getting Started on your “Walk to Jerusalem”

Join UUMC as we walk to Jerusalem! Together, we'll traverse the 6,440 miles between St. Louis and Jerusalem by keeping track of our walking/ activities, starting January 1st. 

Walk to Jerusalem is a multi-generational program which will motivate us to keep moving and increase our daily activity.  Walking is healthy, fun, relaxing, and can increase your creativity! 

  1. Each week there will be a Walking with God devotion in Headlines and the bulletin.  Meditate upon or memorize the verse to contemplate as you walk for a Healthier UUMC.
  2. Log your miles or steps on your Activity Log.
  3. Log your total weekly miles every Sunday on the green welcome sheet to record attendance at worship.  If you do not make it to church, keep track of your steps/miles and record them when you are. Tracking steps can be done using a device like Fitbit, or an app your smartphone, or with a pedometer.  Or you can use one of the activity tracking charts below to convert walking time, exercise, and/or household activities to steps and miles: 

Watch us progress to Jerusalem as a group for Easter!