Microcredit Club: November Update

The U-City Microcredit Club met in the library at UUMC on November 3.  We made 11 loans, totaling $850.  Due to the number of loans we now make at each meeting, it has been suggested that we reduce the amount of information we present on each loan and, instead, feature one borrower, in detail.  So, here we go.

Visao Fenix Group, Sao Paolo, Brazil: Lidiomar is group leader.  The group  of three persons is borrowing $1,625.  Lidiomar will use his portion of the loan to purchase natural and therapeutic products to sell door to door.  We loaned $50.

Santo Domingo Group, Paraguari, Paraguay: a 17 member group that is borrowing $2,775. Alejandra is a member of the group and will use her portion of the loan to buy cheese in larger quantities in order to better serve her customers.  We loaned $100.

Restetuta is a single parent in Fort Portal, Uganda.  She sells fresh food likes peas and beans in the market and is borrowing $100 in order to buy more.  We loaned $75.

Mwajuma lives in Masambenwi, Kenya.  She sells khangas (a woman's wrap) from her home and door-to-door.  She is borrowing $200 to purchase more cloth.  We loaned $100.

Hiam lives in Nabateih, Lebanon and runs her own patisserie.  She is borrowing $1,500 to purchase an espresso machine and other raw materials needed in her shop. We loaned $100.

Besnik is a highly respected achiever in his village of Korce, Albania.  He owns a bar/cafe and is also a farmer, raising beans and potatoes to sell.  He is borrowing $1,750 to plant a leguminous clover like plant which enriches the soil.  We loaned $50.

The Faraja Group Buguruni is 2 ladies who live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Zuwena has been  a hairstylist in her own salon for twenty years and is borrowing $325 to buy new hair straighteners, diffusers. big blowers, etc.  We loaned $100.

Op lives in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia with her husband and two children.  She works as a cleaner and her husband works in construction.  She is borrowing  $600 to buy a rickshaw so her husband can run a new business.  We loaned $50.

The Khoeurn Group is two ladies who live in Kandal province, Cambodia.  Khoeurn and her husband have been operating a farm for 17 years where they raise corn and cattle to sell to their neighbors.  She is borrowing $500 to buy seed, fertilizer and a spray can.  We loaned $100.

unnamed (7).jpg

Carlos Antoinio, pictured above, is a farmer on land he owns in San Juan Pueblo, Atlantida, Honduras. He is 25 years old, married, and has two children. For three years, he has been growing African oil palms and selling the fruit to distributors in the area.  Palm oil contains more saturated fats than other oils and can stand extreme deep frying heat. It also contains no trans fat so it is becoming more widely used.  Carlos is borrowing 25,000 Lempiras, $700, to buy fertilizer and pay for the cleaning of his crops.  The loan will be paid back in 18 months, starting with the first payment in January, 2018. We loaned $100.

I hope you enjoyed the new format.  We thank you for your continued support.