Cindy Finkenkeller's Godsighting

Good morning!

I would like to tell you about my Godsighting, which is about gratitude and has two parts.

The first part is the many consistent supporters and the devoted volunteers from UUMC who staff the expanded Open Door Ministry on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m. People in need each can take two full bags of groceries per month, toiletries, up to four bus passes per adult, socks, gloves, hats and personal hygiene kits. The church buys the bus passes, but everything else is donated. On Dec. 21st, we had nine adults and five children come through the building. All of the adults shopped carefully and filled their bags to overflowing with food. The need is great and ongoing. I find it inspiring that UUMC is trying to work on complicated issues like hunger and poverty, week in and week out.

In case you have not seen one, this is a personal hygiene kit. This Ziploc gallon bag has a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, a sturdy comb, a small bottle of shampoo, a deodorant stick and a packet of tissue. These items are not covered by foot stamps and are prized. It costs between 12 and 15 dollars to make one personal hygiene kit, depending on the size of the items. On average, UUMC gives out about 25 personal hygiene kits per month, which costs about $300 to $375 per month. That is a big financial commitment for this church, and I appreciate every donation.

The second part of my Godsighting is about the gratitude of small children. In October, a family came to the Open Door ministry shortly before 4 p.m. The extended family had three children, 5 and under. The children played quietly with toys in a corner of the Fellowship Hall near the back entrance to Rev. Diane’s office while their parents thoughtfully made food choices to stretch the donations as far as possible. When the parents were finished and told the children that it was time to go, the 5-year-old knocked on Rev. Diane’s door and asked where she should put the toys away! I was impressed that a 5-year old would be this responsible and considerate, especially in a new environment.

Please continue to donate to our food pantry and its many parts, especially in the winter months. It makes a difference to many. Thank you.