Planting Resurrections: Our Dreams

In May 2016, we dreamed of ways that God wants to plant resurrection through us. Worshipers wrote their hopes, passions, and callings down on paper seeds, and we "planted" them at the altar. One plants, another waters, and God will give the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6-9)!"

Dreams of members of UUMC  -  as written and posted

I pray that we might establish/join ministries that directly affect injustice and inequity in prison systems, that build humanity and encourage dreams that lead to productivity for released prisoners in our general midst.

I pray for a growth in our music programs, with expanded membership and participation.

I dream of sharing God’s love which I experience daily with God’s people.

I dream of special music to uplift us.

I dream of us leading social justice in UCity and St. Louis.

I dream of giving to Africa.

10% beyond our walls.

Partner church in Mozambique

Signage – inviting – clear  Narthex

Energy efficient

$15/hour and/or COLA

Special music groups

VBS scholarships (UUM preschool)

Encourage each member to find gifts - calling


That I may serve as inspiration for my students, helping them to grow in their studies.

To use my talents to help immigrants and refugees

We dream:  the members will realize we are all connected and learn to acknowledge the divine in each person we meet.

To reach out and go to hospitals to heal children and adults with my dog as therapy.

A world in which all living creatures have adequate food and clean water.

To pay forward the positivity, encouragement and mentorship I received growing up.

To let the community know about this church.  Be You  Be Loved Belong

A local high impact ministry for UUMC, with hands on participation.

A waterwell for Mozambique

Engagement with refugees/immigrants through International Institute

Make a connection with homeless people.

Support family during this time.

Listen to God talking to me.

God’s Kingdom:  Food distributed to all who are hungry.

UUMC:  Support our minister as she leads our congregation

Strengthen connection with MICA

Give back professionally

Participate in UCity community events

Plants understanding about people having a range of experiences and feelings.

Plant contribution to Dorianne to go to Tanzania

Plant knowledge that older people are a range of ability and feelings.

Support my church, both physically and financially.

Feed people –grow food

Housing the homeless – reform the zoning laws

Teaching the children to be in touch with the Earth and the cloud of Witness

Free the schools

Yes on Mozambique

Yes on better wages for some staff

Yes on church growth

Yes on kindness to all

To build and grow a family

To have a social group with fellowship

To be a bastion of the church

To have a fulfilling job that makes the world a better place

I dream that my emotional/financial support can keep my church back home stable & strong for many decades

Giving monthly to the church

Volunteering@Habitat for Humanity

I dream of being able to give financially to the church the way that I’d like to.

Grow/encourage new membership

Help our high school students experience some special projects outside the Church.

Teaching all ages.

To help people who need it

Have a strong youth program

I pray my children become more involved with Church.

Teach someone to read

More kids programs

Mentor a child or young person

I dream that I can help and encourage children to get a good education and learn of God’s love for them.

Nuture other people

Learn from others

See others with the heart of God

Growth in membership so we can support more missions.

Offer support to transgender people

All homebound members will be “adopted” by a UUMC member for regular visits/contacts.

Follow up with people who have left the congregation but stayed local – how can we meet their needs better?

Follow up with people who have missed consecutive Sundays.

Find ways to use my talents and time to help others

What possibilities does God want to plant through you??

Growing Young Adult and Family membership

I hope UUMC will revitalize its commitment to social justice and serving those most in need.

I hope UUMC will prioritize the needs of children and youth.

My legacy of my grandsons will make a positive difference in the lives of many.

Surrendering to God’s plan for me!

Broaden our ministries to the community.

Helping to ensure Vivian Mwakasage reaches her full potential by supporting her education.

I dream of a growing membership by getting to know all visitors.

I hope we can attract new people to grow our congregation.

Love        Be Kind        Forgive

To be a faithful friend to a friend with great health struggles who has no family close by

To give back to UCity schools, which gave me so much

More tolerance of other ethnic groups and organizations.

The willingness to help the less unfortunate more

Better mission & social justice participation

Find a pet project

A ministry to the least in our community that truly makes UUMC a “home” for all to Be themselves, Belong and Be Loved.