Keeping Up with the Changes

It’s a new school year!  I always loved the excitement of syllabus day and learning your new teachers and classmates.  At the same time, by the end of September I would realize that I was having trouble keeping up with all of the assignments, and my high hopes of reading every word that was assigned would fall away.

At University United Methodist Church, we sometimes have a similar experience. We have lots of exciting, new changes, and it can be hard to keep up with it all!

These are just some of the changes over the last few years:

We are committed to grow as a church for people of all ages, nations, and cultures. How exciting!  

In the midst of these new things, we don’t want anyone to feel left behind. If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call (314-863-8055, ext. 101).  My offer to treat you to coffee or ice cream is not just for newcomers!

I am personally also committed to helping this church fulfill our priorities for this year.  One of these priorities is to continue building trust through transparency & accountability.  One way we’re sharing leadership information is through the new leadership blog.  Please bookmark it or put it in your feed readers. 

As always, suggestions for improvement are welcome! Email me if you have ideas, dreams, questions, or (constructive :)) complaints. Like the beginning of a school year, we know that we will continue to grow together as we learn, worship, and serve.  God's not done with us yet!