Confession: We're All Kind of a Mess

On Day 1 of #40bagsin40days I wrote out some issues that were weighing me down and placed the list in a paper bag labeled “emotional baggage.” I vowed not to pull them back out until Easter.

On Day 2, Adam and I decided we’d take two boxes of things that we never unpacked to Goodwill. We haven’t done it yet, but we made the decision.

And on Day 3, I cleaned off an old computer to get it ready to donate or recycle. I may have created more emotional baggage through my intense frustration with anything electronic.

How are you doing?   Are we ready to tell it like it is? 

University United Methodist Church is embarking on a shared spiritual practice—a Lenten discipline—called 40 Bags in 40 Days.  (If you want to be cool, you can put a hashtag—or pound sign—in front of it: #40bagsin40days #uumc)

The idea started online five years ago, and has spread rapidly through social media.  We at UUMC are bringing it IRL: In Real Life. We’re opening our purses, our basements, our closets, our hearts, our lives to God.

Lent is time of truth-telling, bravery, of facing life how it is --- and allowing God into those hidden parts of ourselves.

We turn our focus away from our stuff and towards what truly gives Life.

We spend less time surrounded by human creations, and we can truly enter into co-Creating with our Divine Maker. 

God made us out of dirt.  God took the messy stuff of molecules and dust, and breathed life into us. So when we think about our dirty lives—what we’d like to change, and what we’re ashamed to admit—we don’t need to be embarrassed. 

Confession: We’re all kind of a mess.

The forty days of Lent are a time when we look at each other and assert, “I’m a mess. You’re a mess. And thank God that God enters into our mess.  God comes in Christ and purges our attachments, and frees us to live in a new way with God and one another.  So let’s offer our mess up to God and let God do with it what God will.”