Welcome to Advent!

Welcome to Advent!  Advent is the four weeks when we prepare for Christmas. The word “advent” means “coming.” We watch for Christ to come again. Instead of just shopping and decorating, we need to prepare our hearts for Jesus. 

Instructions: An advent wreath has four Advent candles and one Christ candle.  Create an Advent wreath each week by adding one new candle. (We’ll give you one each week during worship).  You light one new candle each week.  If you use this devotion with other people, take turns reading, praying, and lighting the candle. Families with young children might choose to read Scripture from a Children’s Bible.  Look online for daily family devotions at http://universityumc.com/rev-dianes-blog/ or www.facebook.com/universityunitedmethodist

Want to go further?

  • Add coins or dollars to a gift box each day as part of your devotions. You might add $.50 or $1 each day. Or you could put in 10% of the amount you spend on Christmas gifts. You can then bring your offering to the Christmas Eve service at on December 24th. This offering will go to support refugees. 
  • Make a blessing jar. Place an empty jar on your dining table. Each day during Advent state one blessing for which you are thankful. Write the blessing on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. On Christmas Day pour out the blessings. Read and give thanks to God for the blessings you have enjoyed during Advent.