In Which I Learn to Use Instagram

Last week I headed to Six Flags with the youth, led by our capable and energetic youth intern, Taylor Zimmerman.  It was a perfect day for an amusement park: 80 degrees, clear skies, a Saturday.  Unfortunately, everyone else in the greater St. Louis area thought this was a perfect day for Six Flags, too!  This meant that we spent a substantial amount of time waiting in line for the rides.

While standing in line (and standing and standing...) the youth taught me how to use Instagram, a camera app that you can download to a smartphone. Taylor had helped the church start an Instagram account when he went with the youth to do mission work with the Appalachian Service Project.

Taylor gave me the username & password for @UniversityUMC, so I immediately began applying my newfound talent.

It turns out that anyone can look like they have artistic talent when they filter a picture through instagram. Some posing may be required, as in this one from Appalachian Service Project when one of the youth suggested that everyone stand with their back to the camera:

Instagram users can add "filters" that portray the church in different shades, tones, colors, and styles.

As my Dad says, "You mean people WANT their photos to look like over-processed polaroids from the 1970s?"  Yep.  You were cool thirty years too soon, Dad.

This picture surprisingly has no filter. (You can tell because I used the hashtag #nofilter. A hashtag is any word/phrase that follows a pound sign. #likethis.)  The line for the Batman ride went through a tunnel full of red lights, and this #nofilter photo was the result!

This was Taylor's favorite picture of the day:

You can follow me at @Rev.Diane (the high schoolers did give me a hard time for my uncreative name choice), youth intern Taylor Zimmerman at @coolesttaylor (I joined the high schoolers in giving Taylor a hard time about that name!), and Communications and Office Manager Abbi Telander at @abbiroad.  The church's account is @UniversityUMC.  Follow us for more youth group pics, Vacation Bible School pics, and other photos that we take around town. Feel free to take and upload your own pictures --- and tag the church in it!

If I keep posting pictures like this of my sweet hubbie, perhaps he'll break down and join the social media revolution, too.