Update on Mozambique Partnership January 2013

Our partner church in Mozambique, Central of Beira UMC, reports great progress on construction of their sanctuary.  In 2011, our mission team assisted in construction of a raised altar area.  At that time, the sanctuary had no windows, doors, or adequate electrical lighting. 

They have now sent pictures showing windows, doors and overhead lighting in the sanctuary, all through their own on-going efforts.  We also see the altar area attractively decked out for the Christmas season.  The sanctuary is nearing completion after 16 years of extraordinary effort.

Enjoy photographs from the project on our Flickr page.


Mozambique Partnership


September 2011

University United Methodist Church Connects with Mozambique

On, September 13-29, 2011 a group of six volunteers went on a mission trip to the City of Beira, Sofala Province, Mozambique in southeast Africa. Beira is the largest city in central Mozambique, and is a busy port and commercial city of about 500,000 people, 9,000 miles from St. Louis. Mozambique is a poor but progressively improving country in the southeast part of Africa.

Central of Beira Parish is a United Methodist Church in one of the inner residential districts. University UMC has been a partner to Central since 1998, sharing prayers, concerns and news, and with the US partner providing pastoral support funds (currently $990 per year). Thus our church pays $495 a year for the benefit of Central of Beira.

This relationship is one of approximately 180 church-to-church partnerships under the Mozambique Initiative relationship of the Missouri and Mozambique United Methodist Conferences. In addition MI pairs Missourians with seminary students in Mozambique, helps dig safe water wells, and has provide for anti-malaria bed nets.

Central has been building a large sanctuary since 1996, which will near completion in 2011. The goal of this sanctuary is to provide a large gathering place for conferences and worship events. University UMC has made contributions to the building fund at Central, but they have provided the majority of money themselves.

University UMC member, Tom Mitchell visited Central in 2004 and Central’s Pastor, Jacob Jenhuro, visited University UMC in June 2007. Tom also visited in 2008 and 2010.

In September 2011, the mission team successfully worked on the Central of Beira’s sanctuary altar area, to participate in mutual Bible study with the congregation, and for a nurse to help at the Ecumenical Health Clinic in Beira.

In addition, UUMC mission teams went to Chicuque Rural Hospital in southern Mozambique in 2005 and 2007.

University UMC can continue to participate in the relationship with Central of Beira through our prayers, our correspondence with the church, mission trips, pastor exchanges and our annual financial commitment. We collected a special offering in 2011, along with Grace UMC to support the mission tasks of the 2011 team. Past offerings have gone for the building fund at Central and for anti-malaria bed-nets for Mozambique in general.

To learn more about the Mozambique Initiative and the Covenant Partnerships, go to: http://www.moumethodist.org/pages/detail/768