University UMC Welcome Statement.png

Our Mission

We are an inviting Christian community that nurtures ever-stronger relationships with God, one another and our global family through passionate worship, loving fellowship, purposeful spiritual growth and willing service.

Our Vision

We will grow as a church where people of all cultures, all nations, and all ages can come together to love and serve God and neighbor.

We see a church where the multiplicity of cultures is valued and the gifts of languages in music and liturgy are celebrated.  We see a church where the place of your birth and your accent is something to share, not something to hide.  We see a church where people of all ages listen to and learn from one another.  We see a church where relationships are formed across the generations.  We see a church where people go out into the world to serve others by working for justice and practicing peace.  We see a church where serving others builds relationships that are mutually transformative.

Our Values

  • Love all people and honor the image of God in every person.
  • Create community that mirrors Christ’s ministry.
  • Listen, learn and worship with an open spirit.
  • Work for justice and practice peace in this community, throughout the world, and for all creation.
  • Give generously of ourselves.