An Update from Health Protection & Education Services


Isuru and his wife are a young couple who grew up in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka is an independent island nation located in the Indian Ocean just southeast of the tip of the Indian subcontinent. Isuru and his wife came to the United States because she is working to obtain her PhD in Physics at Washington University.

Isuru began experiencing health issues, and he heard about Health Protection & Education Services (HPES) through a friend.  He came to a screening conducted in January 2019 at the University City Library, received extensive testing, spoke with volunteer physician Dr. Thomas Blanke and received a follow-up referral for services at People’s Health Center.  Isuru not only received medical care at People’s Health Center; he was also prescribed medications that he purchased at very low cost. And, through the generous financial contributions from foundations, HPES paid the cost of the co-pay for his first visit to the medical clinic because Isuru and his wife lacked the means to do so.

At its core, the purpose of HPES is to save lives and ease the suffering of people caught in acute crises. For many, this assistance restores their ability to rebuild their lives and their communities.  Each third Saturday of the month, volunteer physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other medical personnel and non-medical personnel come together for these reasons.