May Microcredit Club Update

The U-City Microcredit Club has made 11 loans in May, totaling $1,300, as follows:

The Fidelidade Group is four ladies who live in Diadema, Brazil. The group is borrowing $3,450. Ilma, the leader of the group, repairs and sells electronic devises. She will use her portion of the loan to purchase additional tools with which to provide additional services. We loaned $100.

Justino owns and operates a sauna in Cusco, Peru. He is borrowing $925 to purchase herbs, aromatics, etc for the business. We loaned $150.

The Kora Cb Group is 16 persons from Rwanda who are collectively borrowing $6,725. Jeannette, the spokesperson for the group, has been selling foodstuffs for the last eight years. She will use her portion of the loan to purchase bananas and Irish potatoes for resale to her customers. We loaned $100.

Alymkan lives in Jany-Joi village, Kyrgystan and works as cook in a local school. For the last ten years, she has been raising livestock in order to supplement her income. She is borrowing 120,000 som (KGS), about $1,725, in order to purchase more calves. We loaned $100.

Loretta lives with her family in a rural community just outside Honaria, the capital of the Solomon Islands. She has a cacao drying business in which she dries wet cacao beans and sells them to local exporters. She is borrowing $850 in order to buy additional spades, netting, wires and wet beans. We loaned $50.

Michelle lives in Victorias, Negros Occidental, Philippines. She has a fish vending business and is borrowing PHP 20,000 ($400) in order to buy more fish to sell. We loaned $150.

Sothea lives in Battambang, Cambodia where she and her husband buy and sell beef sausage. She is challenged by having no specific place to sell her goods so she is borrowing 3,000,000 KHR in order to buy a carriage to carry her goods to the market. We loaned $150.

The Las Responsables Group is seven ladies who live in Coatepeque, Guatemala. The group is borrowing $3,550. Elida is the president of the group. She sells shoes, clothes, tupperware accessories and silver ware. With her portion of the loan, she will buy more silver accessories and clothing. We loaned $150.

The Independencia Group is four ladies who live in Santo Andre, Brazil. The group is borrowing $2,200. Sonia is a hairdresser and does nails in a salon next to her home. She will use her portion of the loan to purchase enamels, cotton and acetone. We loaned $125.

Mercedita lives near Barili, Cebu, Phillipines. She is 43 years old with nine children and she raises pigs. She is borrowing PHP 30,000 ($575) to purchase feed and other supplies to support her pigs. We loaned $150.

Sarvinoz is 19 years old and lives in Sharistan, Tajikistan. She embroiders fabrics and clothes in a type of traditional embroidery called gulduzi. She has been doing this for two years and receives many orders. She is borrowing $750 in order to purchase a large quantity of needles and fabric. We loaned $75.

As always, thanks for your support and prayers.