September Microcredit Club Update

U-City Microcredit Club held a virtual meeting on September 30th. We made 9 loans totaling $925, as follows:

Seluvaia lives on the island of 'Eua, Tonga. She weaves taovala and mats to sell. She is borrowing $1,075 to plant pandanus and to pay other women to weave mats for her. We loaned $50.

Nidal is a farmer who lives in Jenin City, West Bank, Palestine. He is borrowing $1,975 to purchase an irrigation system, seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. We loaned $100.

The Morenga Group is three ladies who live in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Fati makes and sells traditional clothing made of bazin (a traditional African fabric). The group is is borrowing $1,175. Fati will use her portion of the loan to purchase bazin in bulk in order to reduce her costs and increase her market. We loaned $125.

Malati lives in Murshidabad, India and runs a Toto (a battery operated three wheeled rickshaw). Her rickshaw is old and needs repairs and a new battery. She is borrowing $300. We loaned $100.

The DI Ndeme Group is five woman who live in Senegal. Khady buys lambs in the market and feeds them to sell. The group is borrowing $3,175. Khady will use her portion of the loan to purchase more lambs. We loaned $150.

Haja lives West Point, Liberia where she operates a business selling rice and oil. She is borrowing $250 to purchase more product to sell. We loaned $50.

The Tikawasi Group is 14 women who live high in the Andes in CUSCO, Peru. The group is borrowing $6,450. Lourdes sells roses, carnations and other flowers. She will use her portion of loan to buy more flowers to sell. We loaned $50.

Tausili is married with 10 children and lives in Maninoa, Samoa. She sells bananas and taro and is borrowing $750 to buy banana tube, taro roots, a wheelbarrow, a water tank, hand gloves, a rake and a shovel. This will enable her to raise her own products. We loaned $150.

The Belen De Marcaraconga Group is five women and two men who live in Sicuani-canas, also high in the mountains of Peru. The group is borrowing $2,175. Lucia sells cheeses. She will use her portion of the loan to purchase more cheeses to sell. We loaned $150.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.