Charge Conference for Parsonage Vote

Members are invited to an all-church Charge Conference immediately after the 10:30 a.m. worship service on Sunday, May 29 (Memorial Day weekend).  A vote of all church members will be taken at this charge conference to authorize the sale of the church parsonage via this motion that: 

“University United Methodist Church shall sell the UUMC parsonage (7928 Teasdale Ave., St. Louis, MO) and establish a housing allowance for the pastor.  Proceeds from the sale of the parsonage would be invested in a designated United Methodist Foundation Fund that meets all guidelines in the United Methodist Book of Discipline and Missouri Annual Conference Journal.”

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Parsonage Question Goes to Congregational Vote

On April 28, the UUMC Leadership Council unanimously decided to have a congregational vote on whether to sell the church parsonage.

This decision process started last July, when the Council requested that the UUMC Trustees review the long-term needs and costs of the church parsonage.  Their review indicates that providing a housing allowance to the Senior Pastor is a better long-term alternative for UUMC rather than providing a parsonage.

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Administrative Team Update

In July 2015, the UUMC Leadership Council requested that the UUMC Trustees review the long-term needs and costs for the church and parsonage of University United Methodist Church.  The Trustees concentrated on the parsonage portion of the request.  Their review indicates that providing a housing allowance to the Senior Pastor appears to be a better alternative for UUMC rather than providing a parsonage.

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Further Thoughts on the Parsonage

Further thoughts have come in regarding our parsonage question. Attached are the responses we received Sunday about the Parsonage/Housing Allowance decision. We had two people ask about how many other Methodist churches in the area are currently using a housing allowance as opposed to providing a parsonage. The District Office does not have those figures, but did inform us that well over half of the churches in the area now provide a housing allowance. The big churches in our District--Manchester, Living Word, The Gathering, and Salem in Ladue have all gone to housing allowances.

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Ministry Team Update

UUMC Ministry Team works on a path to discipleship at UUMC, engaging with new guests, caring for our constituents, and encouraging summer worship attendance.

Your UUMC Ministry Team coordinates the ministries of University United Methodist Church.  We met on February 18, 2016 to consider attendance patterns, how we engage and integrate with new guests, what it means to be a part of our community, and how we care for one another. 

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Giving Statement Letter

As we wrap up 2015 and move forward into 2016, I want to say Thank You for all of your generous giving in 2015. Your gifts have supported the church throughout the year as we act out our call to be a church where people of all cultures, all nations, and all ages can come together to love and serve God and neighbor.

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A Path for Discipleship

So, what is a path to discipleship, and why does UUMC need one?

A Path to Discipleship sets out a series of next steps new guests or seekers coming into contact with UUMC can take to follow Jesus, learn what that means for them, learn how this might happen at UUMC, and begin integration into our Christian community.  This may result in baptism or membership.

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Ministry Team Update - October 8

Your Ministry Team met Thursday, October 8.   We are charged with coordinating the ministries of University United Methodist Church.

Part of our job is to look at the vital signs of the church. Average attendance at worship month by month is generally lower this year than in previous years.  That is of major concern. We need to focus in on discerning what is happening and how we respond. Your insights are welcome.

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Missouri Annual Conference 2015 Update

A report on the 2015 Missouri Annual Conference from Lay Person to Annual Conference, Stacy Brown Braeske:

I am tasked with telling you a little bit about the Missouri Annual Conference, which I attended back in June as your lay representative, along with Pastor Diane. Each year clergy and laity from every United Methodist Church in Missouri gather in Springfield for three and a half days of worship, education, prayer, and voting.  Voting is usually limited to approving the conference budget, minor policy changes, and maybe some redistricting. Not very exciting. This year was a barnburner compared to the last 3 conferences I attended.  

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Celebrate Giving! Stewardship Campaign 2015­–2016


Fifty-six (56) giving units (couples, families, or single people) completed Estimate of Giving Cards for 2015–2016 and committed a total of $271,368. We celebrate the increased number of people who shared estimates of giving with the church. This means that 56 givers have gratefully recognized God’s ongoing gifts and then intentionally planned how to return the first fruits of those gifts to God. Thank you!

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Tabled Approval of UUMC 2015-16 Budget

On September 10, the UUMC Administrative Team approved the motion to table the motion for approval of the 2015-16 UUMC budget.  There are unresolved income and expense items that the full motion requires that we finalize within two weeks.  This will provide enough time to adjust the budget and communicate it to the Administrative Team and Leadership Council before those bodies reconsider the budget at the Charge Conference on October 6 at The Gathering in Clayton. 

-- respectfully submitted by Dan Barrett, Administrative Team Leader