Updates from June Leadership Team Meeting

The 2018-2019 Leadership Team held their final meeting on June 27th at the home of Dan Barrett. The current Leadership Team members introduced themselves for the benefit of Joash Mencias, incoming Lay Leader who will serve from 2019 to 2022. Dan led a brief discussion on Chapters 10-12 of Real Good Church. The LT reviewed attendance reports since the last meeting; if trends continue, attendance in 2019 will be similar to last year. The LT reviewed progress on 2018-2019 Goals in terms of what was accomplished, areas that still need attention, and what specific initiatives proved unrealistic. Dan shared the Financial Reports compiled by Bette Welch, noting an operating deficit of $4,300 as of May 30th. By August, the District Office expects to reply to our Open Door Justice Grant proposal. Open Door attendance this year has been below Dan’s projections with the cost of food, hygiene items, bus passes, etc. per visit now down to around $32.47. The LT approved the use of $1,245 from the Dimmit Fund to send Nicole Aldrich to the Sacred Music Conference in July 2019. Dan reviewed progress on the Financial Review recommendations from the yearly audit; several items will be handled in July or August. Alice Mohr presented the June Trustees’ Sub-team Report, noting:

·      The elevator passed inspection and will now require annual inspections,

·      There is water damage to the roof that will cost around $5,230 to repair,

·      Some exterior window trim needs painting (estimated cost $3,917), and

·      The women’s downstairs restroom should be updated (estimated cost $5,000).  

The LT authorized the Trustees to spend the necessary funds for the roof and window trim repairs and up to $5,000 from the Paine Fund to update the women’s restroom. The approved exterior banner concept will cost $913.50 to produce; this will be postponed until the exterior church walls have been cleaned. Rev. Diane and Pam Schmidt will update the Emergency Plan to account for active shooters and other incidents. The members of the 2019-2020 Leadership Team, Ministry Team, Nominations Team, UUM Preschool Board, and other leaders identified by the current Nominations Team were reviewed and approved. Rev. Diane thanked Dan and Alice for their completion of 6-year leadership terms with gifts and cards to show the congregation’s appreciation. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Barrett.