Updates from May Leadership Team Meeting

The Leadership Team met on Thursday, May 23rd. Keith Bertelsen stopped by to present a technology update, including the installation of a security camera, an upgraded and expanded WiFi network, a TV in the Parlor, and a keypad lock for the technology closet in the hallway. Irma Ruebling led a review of the annual Staff Parish Evaluation Form and received input from the Leadership Team regarding revisions. Rev. Diane presented a grant proposal written by Nicole Allen for the Gateway Central Social Justice Ministry grant program. The proposal asks for $7,700 to support the ongoing efforts of our Open Door Pantry as well as the creation of a 50-50 board made up of church and pantry members. The Leadership Team endorsed the proposal, and we’ll hear the outcome in August. On behalf of the Open Door committee, Karen Greening requested $6,000 from the church budget in addition to the $6,000 initially granted for 2019, basing this request on current income, fundraising efforts, cost reduction efforts (successful and unsuccessful) and spending. The Leadership Team agreed to this budget amendment while expressing two shared values: 1) to care for our neighbors in need, and 2) to be careful stewards of our congregational resources. The Leadership Team then reviewed and agreed to implement the recommendations from Kent McNeil’s financial audit. The final 2018-2019 Leadership Team meeting will take place on June 27th. If you have any questions, please contact lay leader Dan Barrett.