Updates from the April Leadership Team Meeting

The UUMC Leadership Team met on Thursday, April 25th. The meeting began by discussing the book Real Good Church, which encourages us to be visibly “Open and Affirming” to all people; UUMC now has a 12’ rainbow flag and will replace the banner on the north wall with one designed by Janet Muhm. The Leadership Team also discussed making church more relevant to young people by providing hopefulness and including multicultural expressions of worship. The Leadership Team reviewed feedback from two pairs of “mystery worshippers,” noting that areas for improvement include clear signage and better use of our outdoor space. Our elevator failed inspection, and we received a repair bid from Custom Home Elevator for $2,200, which will come from the Memorial Fund because the elevator was installed as a memorial. We will host another Eden Seminarian next year, based on the success with Pastor Jewell; half of the intern costs will come from the Dimmit Fund and half from the budget. In terms of finances, UUMC was 6% over budget as of March 31st, but our investments have gone up 7% since the end of 2018. UUM Preschool agreed to the rent and building use fee increases that were approved at the February 28th meeting. The next Leadership Team meeting will be May 23rd.