Changes to Church Library

You're invited to borrow books from the newly reorganized UUMC library! The Library the room to the north of Fellowship Hall. With the help of Bonnie Jacobs, a retired United Methodist pastor, the books on the shelves were reviewed and culled. Those discarded were either sold to a used bookstore or donated to Goodwill.

The remaining library books are arranged on the shelves by Dewey Decimal number. A blue vinyl binder with listings of the books in the Library by Title, Author and Dewey Decimal number may be found on the library counter.

Borrowing of books from the Library is on the honor system. Please return the borrowed book to the counter –or in proper order on the shelves when you are finished with it. Special thanks to Bonnie, Rev. Diane, Donna Carey and Jamie Emery for their invaluable professional advice and to Cindy Mitchell for envisioning this project and carrying it to fruition.

Donations to the library are encouraged with the caveat that inclusion of books donated is subject to review. Books donated and not placed in the library will be given to Goodwill.