Upcoming Charge Conferences

This year we are holding more charge conferences than usual. These multiple charge conferences are occurring as we sell the parsonage, elect new leaders, establish a pastoral housing allowance, and complete required denominational paperwork. Normally we will only have one charge conference in the summer to elect leaders and one charge conference in the fall to do the official business of the church! 

When this meeting is convened as a "church conference," then all professing members of the church are eligible to vote. When it is called as a "Charge conference," then voting members are those persons elected to leadership council. All of our church meetings, however, except for those dealing with personnel matters, are open meetings. Anyone may come.

In May we held a church conference to authorize the Trustees to sell the parsonage. You can read the minutes of that decision here

On Thursday, August 4, the Leadership Council will meet for the first time in the 2016-2017 leadership year. At 7 PM, they will convene as a charge conference in order to elect members of the leadership council, administrative team, ministry team, and nominations and leadership development team. 

Following the election of 2016-2017 leaders, the charge conference will adjourn, and the Leadership Council will hold their first meeting of the new year. The  leadership slate will be published on our website in the coming weeks. 

Our third charge conference of the year will be held at 8:45 AM on Sunday, August 21, in the library. We will approve the new pastoral support form, which will have a housing allowance instead of a parsonage. Copies of the proposed salary/housing sheet Will be available following the August 11 administrative team meeting. This housing allowance will go into effect on September 1.

The final charge conference of the year will be on Thursday, October 27. This charge conference will complete the remaining required reports and actions for the denomination, including reviewing active/inactive members.