Ministry Team April 14 meeting

Highlights of Ministry Team developments – submitted by Tom Mitchell, Lay Leader (Ministry Team focus)

Your Ministry Team met on April 14, 2016.  Here are highlights:

Worship Attendance:   Average attendance for January was 103, February 96, and March 117.  The March number is a strong one, and hopefully followed by a strong April, although Easter was in March this year.  We noted the nosedive in attendance in June 2015, which lasted through September.  See Sunday Sabbath notes below on plans to avoid a repeat in 2016.  

Nominations:  Nominations and Leadership Development committee is meeting regularly in the spring.  They are currently working on interviews with current team leaders, and any issues of adjusting the duties and line up of teams.  Then they will work on nominations for team leaders.  In May, the work will turn to members for the teams..

Signage Improvement Project:  We have a conditional grant from the Missouri United Methodist Foundation of $2,500 for improving outside and inside signage. Abbi Telander, in her role as communications planner, is preparing a specific proposal  (with several options) for consideration by UUMC leadership and interested persons.  

Summer Sabbath:  Worship Ministry Team is working hard on details for a Summer Sabbath… a time of simpler, shorter (and perhaps earlier) worship, with a distinctive style and multiple special features.  The survey on this idea and on worship time for summer got about 30 responses.

The process forward is:  Leadership Council on April 28 will make the larger decisions (like what Sundays, worship time, following worship with optional service or social activities), in light of proposals from Worship Team, input from the Ministry Team discussion, and from the survey many of you filled out.

Adjustments to Ministry Team assignments for further consideration by Nomination and Leadership Development:  

A.  Rename Spiritual Formation Team as Discipleship Team, with focus on:

  1. Oversight, encouragement, coaching of inviting and hand-offs

  2. Nurture small groups directly & though other teams and groupings

  3. Oversight, encouragement, support, maintenance of  our Discipleship Path

  4. Encouragement and education re: personal invitations

  5. Adding a Witnessing (Inviting) element to Path

  6. Specified team members responsible for LOGOS class and Sunday morning adult education

B.    Distribute inviting ministries among teams as follows:

  1. Fellowship Team would no longer have general responsibility for Inviting

  2. See above for specific roles for Discipleship Ministry

  3. An Inviting component would be added to covenants for all Ministry Team, which would be to intentionally invite people to Team sponsored activities, to welcome them, and to connect guests to UUMC.

Evaluation of Goals and Priorities for 2016-2017

  1. Develop path(s) for growing disciples – Path defined, and in process of implementation

  2. Understanding how to be multi-cultural – Good progress on racial awareness through Witnessing Whiteness, Faith and Race, etc.  Work must continue on this, and extend to broader focus on multiple cultures and broader acceptance of all.

  3. Understanding how to be intergenerational – Determined this needs to be a cultural change within church, not a program.  Modest progress

  4. Spiritual Growth -- LOGOS underway with good attendance, meaty subjects; several small group opportunities emerging, looking for greater development.

  5. Caring for Inactive Members – Congregational Care team is focused on this and making progress.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mitchell, Lay Leader (Ministry Focus)