Administrative Team Update

In July 2015, the UUMC Leadership Council requested that the UUMC Trustees review the long-term needs and costs for the church and parsonage of University United Methodist Church.  The Trustees concentrated on the parsonage portion of the request.  Their review indicates that providing a housing allowance to the Senior Pastor appears to be a better alternative for UUMC rather than providing a parsonage.

On April 21, the UUMC Administrative Team unanimously approved a motion to request that the UUMC Leadership Council approve that the Trustees move forward to refine the financial numbers (e.g., getting an appraisal/engaging a realtor) for a sale of the parsonage, work with the UMC District Office to establish a proposed housing allowance, and that an all-church Charge Conference be scheduled with appropriate announcements to vote on the sale of the UUMC parsonage and establish a housing allowance for the pastor.  Proceeds from the sale of the parsonage would be invested in a designated United Methodist Foundation Fund that meets all guidelines in the United Methodist Book of Discipline and Missouri Annual Conference Journal.

On April 28 at 7 p.m. in the church library, the UUMC Leadership Council will consider and likely vote on these recommendations.  This meeting is open to all UUMC members.  If you have any questions, please contact Brad Hershey (Trustees Executive Officer) at 314-567-6958/, or Dan Barrett (Lay Leader, Council Co-Chairperson at 314-726-2509/

Edited to add: The result of the April 28 meeting can be found on the Leadership Announcements blog.