April Parsonage Update

Thank you to everyone who attended the congregational meeting after worship on Sunday, April 17! This was the second of two congregational meetings discussing the parsonage and the possibility of selling it and providing a housing allowance for the pastor. You can read the initial call to meeting on the Leadership Announcements blog.

We have also published the questions asked at the first meeting, and written comments that came in after the first meeting.  We have published answers to some common questions on the blog as well. 

At the second meeting, people requested to see the PowerPoint that was presented at the first meeting. You can find that PowerPoint online. An update to the spreadsheet included in the PowerPoint, which overviews the volunteer time spent on the parsonage (15 hours/month) as well as amortized yearly costs, is also available online.  This compares the current cost with the amount of a housing allowance for the pastor.

Please review these documents and direct your questions to the Trustees, Brad Hershey (314-324-1173), Alice Mohr (314-567-3398), or Ann Wymore (314-535-2151).

Having heard from congregants in the first two meetings and through written comment sheets, the next step for this conversation is for the Administrative Team to make a recommendation to the Leadership Council. (As a reminder, the Administrative Team deals specifically with property, personnel, and finances.) 

If the Administrative Team recommends that we move toward a vote, then the Leadership Council will consider their recommendation. (The Leadership Council is the highest governing body for our local congregation. You can read more about our church leadership structure and see the list of elected leaders at our Leaders page. )

The Leadership Council will decide whether to hold a charge conference under the authority of the district superintendent. Charge Conferences are scheduled and presided over by the district superintendent (or his designee). 

Once the date for a charge conference is set, then it will be announced to the entire congregation in at least two forms of communication (e.g., verbally in worship, printed in the bulletin, and emailed) for a minimum of two weeks prior to the charge conference. 

As we go through this process, please be in prayer for the elected leaders on Administrative Team and Leadership Council. 

Dates to Note:

  • Administrative Team - Thursday, April 21 at 7 p.m. in the church library 
  • Leadership Council - Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. in the church library
  • Charge Conference (if recommended by the Leadership Council and approved by the district superintendent) - at least two weeks after April 28; time/place TBA in multiple forms for at least weeks

All meetings at UUMC are open meetings except for those dealing with personnel issues. If you are interested in attending the Administrative Team or Leadership Council meetings, please contact chairperson Dan Barrett so that we can arrange for adequate space and materials. 

This week's recommendation from the Administrative Team will be printed in the bulletin and shared in Headlines and on this blog.