Parsonage Study: Congregation Questions & Thoughts

Parsonage Study
Congregation Questions & Thoughts
March 13, 2016

The following is a summary of the questions and comments from the Parsonage Study
presentation led by Brad Hershey on Sunday, March 13. Please read them over and let
Ann Wymore know if you have any more questions, suggestions, or comments you would like to make. Get them to Ann by email before April 4. We will post updates with questions with answers, comments, and suggestions as we receive them.

  • Where would the profits from the sale of the parsonage go?
  • Does the Missouri United Methodist Conference require a minister to meet the same housing requirements (when they receive a housing allowance) as they require when a church purchases a parsonage?
  • How does the church ensure that the housing allowance is large enough for the minister to rent, or pay a mortgage on, housing equivalent to the parsonage?
  • Is the root cause of this study financial?
  • The parsonage is an incredible asset in a good area.
  • Should UUMC be using the extra space in the parsonage (beyond what the minister currently needs) for housing for needy students? Maybe use the parsonage as a B & B?
  • Nicole Aldrichʼs husband is a pastor. She offered some insights into the pastorʼs side of a parsonage. Her comments suggest that most pastors do not want to live in a personage--lack of privacy; inconvience of getting problems taken care of--have to go thru the church; no tax advantage which would come with the pastor being able to buy their own home.
  • Investigate the option of running a capital gains campaign to cover the cost of repairs and modernizing the parsonage.
  • Home Maintenance insurance--investigate the cost of practicality of using
  • What would be the next step in this Parsonage Study process?
  • It was suggested that the trustees visit with the trustees of other churches who have gone through this process recently. Find out what recommendations they would make; how did they accomplish their goal; how smoothly did it go; what would they do the same and what would they do differently?
  • Youth group used to meet and work at the parsonage. Do they still do that?
  • Would we consider another, smaller house???
  • Cash flow problem?? Why not give the congregation the facts and figures about how much would be needed and then let them decide whether and how to raise the money.
  • What about the church building? Is it getting forgotten while we fix the parsonage?
  • How much money and man hours does it need?
  • Could we have a large fund drive and then give the money to the Missouri United Methodist Foundation to invest so that we would be able to meet future expenses?

Edited to add: The answers to some of these and other pertinent questions can be found at the blog post, "Answers to Your Parsonage Questions."