Leadership Council Approves 2017 UUMC Budget and Discusses Future Reduced Giving

On December 15, the UUMC Leadership Council approved the 2017 budget for UUMC.  This is one of the annual responsibilities of the Council which is the strategic planning and final approval body of the church comprised of one member of each administrative and ministry team plus other key positions in the church. 

The budget represents expected income of $334,700, expenses of $337,681, and thus would require nearly $3000 more income if actual income and expenses exactly match the budget.  

A small budgeted deficit is minor.  Our problem is that budget shortfall will increase by several thousand dollars in the next few years because of known reductions in current giving unless UUMC brings in more income or slashes staff or ministries.  

There is a direct correlation between the number of church members and giving.  The bottom line is UUMC needs more members to avoid unpleasant outcomes.  We are fortunate that the active members measured by church worship attendance has stabilized at 96 per week for both the 2015 and 2016 calendar years after steadily dropping from 126 in 2011.  

The Council does not have all the answers to growing the church but that team will continue to address the issue.  Your input is welcome and needed.  Please direct those ideas to Rev. Diane (314-309-0442 or revdiane@university umc.com), Dan Barrett, Lay Leader Administrative Focus (314-459-3954 or danwbarrett@yahoo.com), or attend the UUMC Visioning Retreat (January 14, 2017 from 9:00 am – Noon).  Details on the retreat will be provided in the near future.