Celebrate Giving! Stewardship Campaign 2015­–2016


Fifty-six (56) giving units (couples, families, or single people) completed Estimate of Giving Cards for 2015–2016 and committed a total of $271,368. We celebrate the increased number of people who shared estimates of giving with the church. This means that 56 givers have gratefully recognized God’s ongoing gifts and then intentionally planned how to return the first fruits of those gifts to God. Thank you!

2014–2015 Estimates of Giving: 46 estimates for $229,840

2015–2016 Estimates of Giving: 56 estimates for $271,368


  • 19 givers increased their estimates of giving (from a total of $101,520 to $118,868).
  • 19 givers kept their pledge at the same amount, totaling $110,640.              
  • 16 individuals or families pledged who had not pledged last year! These new pledgers had given a total of $22,332 over the previous twelve months. For the coming fiscal year, they have pledged $38,860—an increase of $16,528 over their previous giving.


7 people who shared estimates in giving in 2014–2015 responded to changing life circumstances by reducing their estimates or not submitting an estimate of giving. We celebrate their authentic and honest response to God’s continually changing call. This decrease is $7,985.


When budgeting for the 2014–2015 Fiscal Year, we anticipated 42 non-pledging givers contributing a total of $51,626. We budgeted $291,000 for total giving for 2014–2015.  We also relied on grants, building usage fees, interest from endowments, and a drawdown from our investment account. 

As more people submitted estimates of giving this year, the more accurate our budgeting can be.  Our budget for the 2015–2016 Fiscal Year reflects $299,000 for pledged and unpledged giving.  We anticipate that 23 non-pledging identified givers will give a total of $28,114.  Many of the people who were identified non-pledging givers last year have begun submitting estimates of giving—thank you!  Knowing how much you intend to give allows us to be better stewards of your gifts during the year.  This is especially important as we near the end of the grant cycle for Young Adult and Cross-Cultural Ministry, interest slows on our endowments, and we look for ways to support the church beyond our investment account.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please get in touch with Reverend Diane or Keith Bertelsen, our new Finance Communications Officer.

-- respectfully submitted by Rev. Diane Kenaston