New Administrative Team Meets for the First Time

The UUMC Administrative Team (AT) met in late July for the first time of their service year that started July 1.   The AT handles the functions related to buildings and grounds, personnel, and financial matters with our vision of growing as a church for all cultures, all nations, and all ages.

Recently, UUMC member Patty Sherman, CPA, conducted the required financial audit of the church for the period ending August 2014.  A significant element of the audit concerned UUM Preschool, which functions somewhat independently but is covered by the UUMC insurance policy and whose teachers are technically employees of the church.  Preschool financial statements and bank reconciliations were not available for part of the audit period and what could be audited produced out-of-balance results.  After discussion expressing significant concerns, the AT voted to require by August 31, 2015 for UUM Preschool to produce the historical balanced statements and bank reconciliations; Kelly Mohr, the UUMC Finance Lead, volunteered to assist the Preschool Director in accomplishing the task.           

At the meeting, the AT also reviewed additional audit findings.  Before the next meeting on September 10, the Finance members on the AT will review and finalize the recommendations for related process changes.

The AT approved the Pastor's Evaluation for the past year and goals for the upcoming year.  These goals expand upon the UUMC priorities.

The church treasurers, Jane McNeil and Kent McNeil, emphasized that the church finances will be tight for August, the final month of the fiscal year, because income is lower during summer months but many expenses remain unchanged compared to other months.  

On September 10, the AT and Leadership Council (LC) will review and approve the UUMC budget for the new fiscal year.

-- respectfully submitted by Dan Barrett, Administrative Team Leader