Leadership Council Approves Priorities for New Year

In late July, the UUMC Leadership Council (LC) unanimously approved three priorities and two task forces for the 2015-2016 fiscal year of the church.  The LC is the strategic planning and final approval body of the church comprised of one member of each administrative and ministry team plus other key positions in the church. 

The first priority is to Improve the long-term financial stability of the church.  Two task forces will address some of the significant financial concerns that the congregation has.  The LC selected three members (Stacy Braeske, Irma Rubling, and Adrian Sulser) to define the on-going relationship between UUMC and the UUMC Preschool.  They will focus on liability, expenses and income, the relationship to our mission, vision, and values, and outreach into the community.   The final report, expected in November, should be a win-win relationship.

The second task force concerning finances will review the long-term needs and financial requirements of UUMC for proper maintenance and upkeep of the church, parsonage, and grounds.  In April 2016, Brad Hershey, Alice, Mohr, and Ann Wymore will present their report, including  long-term options.

The second priority is to improve the transparency of the UUMC leadership and administrative teams with the non-leadership members of the church.  We want to improve all communication including budget preparation, financial issues including process changes, membership trends, and upcoming decisions before they are finalized.

The final priority will improve relationships within and outside UUMC.  It's all relationships:  

  • Pastor with congregation
  • Congregation with guests
  • Congregation with inactive members
  • Congregation with children and youth

We will focus on developing disciples, expanding spiritual growth, and understanding how to be multi-cultural and intergenerational.  Tasks to accomplish this will be communicated in the near future.

If you have any questions about these areas please contact the task force members, your Lay Leaders (Tom Mitchell and Dan Barrett), or Rev. Diane.

-- respectfully submitted by Dan Barrett, Administrative Team Leader