Leadership Council Discusses Current Year Trends and Priorities

Leadership Council Discusses Current Year Trends and Priorities

Last week (August 13), the UUMC Leadership Council (LC) met for second of the five regular meetings in the fiscal year.  The LC is the strategic planning and final approval body of the church comprised of one member of each administrative and ministry team plus other key positions in the church. 

The Council members were informed of the upcoming, increased usage of the maroon church sign east of the church playground.  Starting this month, posters on the board will usually change each week to encourage passers-by to be in worship, mission, or fellowship with us.

It was noted that we expect the church to be financially alright as we approach the end of the fiscal year on August 31.  Everyone was encouraged to complete their 2014-15 financial pledge by Sunday, August 30.      

Declining worship attendance continues to be a significant topic.  The average attendance every month of this year is below the average attendance for the same month of each of the last three years.  Rev. Diane encouraged anyone not yet signed-up to consider coming to the Caring for Inactive Members Retreat on August 21 (evening) and August 22 (morning).

The Council received an update on the church and Preschool financial audit for the period ending August 31, 2014.  Further details are in the Administrative Team article dated August 4 on this page.

The bulk of the meeting addressed the 2015-16 Priorities covered in the Leadership Council article dated August 4 on this page.  The Preschool Task Force and Church/Parsonage Needs and Costs Task Force are just starting their work.  The Council members identified many ideas related to the other two priorities:  Improve transparency within UUMC and finally developing disciples, expand spiritual growth, and becoming more multi-cultural and inter-generational.  The Pastor and Lay Leaders met this week to sort out the ideas and to pass them on to the appropriate teams for action.

For more details, please contact members of the LC, including Lay Leaders Dan Barrett or Tom Mitchell, and Rev. Diane.

-- respectfully submitted by Dan Barrett, Administrative Team Leader