Ministry Team Update - October 8

Submitted by Tom Mitchell, Lay Leader (Ministry Team focus)

Your Ministry Team met Thursday, October 8.   We are charged with coordinating the ministries of University United Methodist Church.

Part of our job is to look at the vital signs of the church. Average attendance at worship month by month is generally lower this year than in previous years.  That is of major concern. We need to focus in on discerning what is happening and how we respond. Your insights are welcome.

On positive notes…

Attendance at the adult Logos classes has been excellent.  This class is a result of efforts to focus and streamline our programs – doing one thing in an area very well.

Youth Sunday School attendance has been up, too.  

Confirmation class has 5 youth from UUMC and 3 from Grace UMC. 

Our Be You, Be Loved, Belong 4-session class, which leads up to membership, is going well, with three participants and their sponsors.


Some recent and upcoming highlights… 

Very interesting LOGOS class on Gender and the Bible, Sundays at 9:15 AM through October.

November in LOGOS is Rev. Clive and Christianity in India

Oct. 25, Reformation Sunday, Rev. Bill preaches, children collecting for UNICEF, also fun with a photo booth

Dec. 13, join in the community sing-along of Handel’s Messiah at 3 p.m. at Wash U across the street. Nicole Aldrich will talk about Handel’s Messiah in LOGOS class in December.

We are still adjusting and fine-tuning our reorganization ofUUMC”s teams and governance of somewhat more than a year ago.  I am particularly looking at how hand-offs of information within our leadership are happening (or not happening) smoothly.  If you seem something that looks like a loose end in how we operate, please let me know.

Our focus looking forward now is to work out the Path(s) to Discipleship for UUMC – being clear on what we mean by growing in relationship to God, what does a resulting disciple look like, and how do we facilitate the way for growing disciples, offering a clear path.  We will have a special meeting on November 12 to look solely at this matter.  All are welcome.

Blessed to Serve, Tom Mitchel